Listening to Inigo Gilmore in class

Inigo Gilmore has covered Libya, Afghanistan and Egypt. But he has reported more than what most of us have seen in the mainstream media.

“People have seen death and destruction for 10 years,” he says talking to the journalism students at University of Westminster.

A print journalist who has moulded himself as a multimedia journalist says he wanted to give the viewers another perspective “without having to assault them with the images that they’ve seen before.”

And it’s evident in the stories that Gilmore has filmed from Kabul and Tahrir Square during the Egyptian revolution.

Gilmore has been able to break through from the conventional images of a war-torn Afghanistan. In his video story “Life in Kabul 10 years since Operation Enduring Freedom,” he brings into play the parallels between the lives of the American soldiers inside their camp and the Afghans in the streets and neighborhoods of Kabul.

His story opens a window to an everyday life is Afghanistan, which people merely get to see: soldiers dancing to Johnny Cash tunes and civilians enjoying their festivities, kite flying and even bodybuilding.

“The notion of the separate lives that had developed were missing in the stories,” he says of the several reports delving into war and violence in the region.

Also, during the revolution in Egypt, instead of reporting the obvious from Tahrir Square, he tells the story through a young activist going against her family, hand in hand with thousands at Tahrir revolting for a change.

“I’m looking for people who can tell stories,” he says of how he comes across people and his stories.

Gilmore who filed his first print story from Africa later immersed himself into video.

A self-taught video journalist now he is, Gilmore says, “Overtime, I have developed my own style and take on stories.”

One thought on “Listening to Inigo Gilmore in class

  1. Monica Sarkar says:

    He’s an inspiration – his passion really shows. Looking forward to more of his films!

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