Live: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Two years after I bid goodbye to the musical Mecca, the live music capital of the world, I said hello to some good live music last night.

In between Austin, Texas, and London, I landed in Mumbai, Kathmandu, New Delhi and Cape Town, but my musical appetite was never satisfied. But last night, when I saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich live, I realized what I was missing: good live music.

Leftwich is new to my music list; he was nowhere close to my musical radar until last week when I stumbled across his music. Call it a co-incidence, I won a ticket to see him perform.

At The Lexington in London, Leftwich left the crowd of 100 inside a small, packed room silent.

It wasn’t a loud gig—he was up on stage only with his six strings. An hour’s worth of acoustic performance was surely an immense treat for the ears.

“He is just beautiful,” I heard a lady behind me say. “I just don’t know what else to say.”

In between his songs, the 22-year from York shared some anecdotes.

“This is when I was with a rock band,” he said of one of his singles “Butterfly Culture.”

But it was nowhere close to the sounds of rick ‘n’ roll. It subtly sided with the folk/acoustic genre of music.

Sipping in water—and not beer—during songs, Leftwich literally serenaded the romantic souls with “Picture,” “1904” and “Box of Stones.” They’re all from his 2011 album “Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm.”

Musically, I would compare him to anything like a splash of Ryan Adams, sharing a lot of similarity with the tones of Iron & Wine and William Fitzsimmons.

Do take a listen to him. He might soothe your soul, if not, your ears for sure.

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