Vote for the Nepalis

Adventure knows no boundaries. Not at least for Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa and Sano Babu Sunuwar.

The Nepali duo has launched a paraglider from Mount Everest and kayaked the Ganges to the Indian Ocean.

And for their adventure, the duo is among the 10 nominated for the National Geographic Adventurers for the Year 2012.

According to Nat Geo, Sherpa and Sunuwar ascended the world’s highest peak in April and became the third party to launch a paragliders, setting a new record of 8,865 meters for free flight in the process.

The then reached the Koshi River in Nepal and followed it to the Ganges, then floating it to the Indian Ocean.

“Taking off from the highest point in the world,” says Sunuwar as the highlight of the journey in a National Geographic interview.  Sherpa also says it was “the flight” that he liked the most.

The Nepali adventurers are competing with the likes of Alastair Humphreys who has ridden his bike for 46,000 miles around the globe, Carissa Moore, the youngest surfer to win the world title, and Danny MacAskill, whose videos of riding his bike in the oddest of places and in picturesque locations went viral on the Internet.

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