And it’s only sound…

Sometimes I just love the sound of silence because there’s a story in it, a story that I can visualise.

Other times, it’s the power of words, the voice behind that radio or the microphone that truly brings the story alive.

Today, as we all sat in our radio class listening to one of the interviews from our classmates, the power of words conquered my mind. The story of a woman from Sierra Leone forced into domestic sex slavery in the UK was compelling enough.

During the four-minute long minute, the woman shares her life story. Her being forced into sex in the UK, the violence back home and the instance when she was made to dance as rebels killed her father in front of her.

You don’t need a video to see this. It would have been too brutal. But it was her sound that was telling me the story. She made me travel all the way from Sierra Leone to the UK. She made me, and presumably most of my classmates, connect to her emotions, or there wouldn’t have been some teary eyes in the class.

It’s amazing how I though video was powerful. Seeing is believing. But sometimes audio is more compelling; just listening to that story in pin drop silence and then being transported along with that voice—it’s an amazing experience.

It’s just like when I was a child—listening to one of my aunts or grandmother telling me folklore or a story. It’s through their voice that I created a story on my mind and visualised it.

The power of words is just unbeatable.

And as I sit in my room, in front of the computer, writing this blog, I’m listening to the amazing sounds of some great musicians. And I prefer listening to them than watching them play on TV. The joy of listening is different.

So they say that video killed the radio star. But I think the radio star was never dead.


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