Reporting local news

I think I’m going local, especially when it comes to covering news.

If I reflect on my past assignments, I’ve been covering a lot of local news, those from within the borough where I currently call home–Harrow. And I think I’ve been doing it so much that my classmates have started calling me the local Harrow reporter.

Initially, maybe I was too lazy to travel far and wide in London to gather news. But when I think of it now, it would have been a bad decision on my part to be looking for a story far and wide when I could find something right around my neighborhood. Too many times, we just tend to overlook what’s happening in our vicinity.

If it wasn’t for my appetite (if I may say so) for local news, I wouldn’t really have known of so many issues and events going around, and how people around me are being affected.

Take for instance, the library closure issue. I never have to go to a local library here and so I would have never known about the closure of 7 out of 12 libraries in the borough of Brent. And if I weren’t covering the story, I would have never known what these libraries mean to the locals and how it’s going to affect them.

Living in Harrow or even in London is being immersed in multiculturalism. I see different faces and hear diverse accents every day. They all speak in English. But never would I known how some immigrants are on a mission to learn English so they can integrate themselves into the British society.

While working on my story for the funding cut on English for immigrants, ESOL programme, I realised the impact it could have, especially on women and elderly in the community.

And today, as I went to report on the local job fair in Harrow, it was overwhelming to see so many people looking for work. Hadn’t I looked into what ‘s happening around me, hadn’t I bothered to seek stories closer to the community I live in, I would have never got access to the issues and problems that actually surround me.

As I start packing for this semester to end and reflect on the stories I’ve worked on, I think I’m happy of what I have achieved. At least I know this community a little better, if not, at all.

Here’s a story on the job fair in Harrow.


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