Notes from Nepal: Hail TFL

Those delays on the metropolitan line and the random weekend closures wouldn’t make me angry anymore. Not after when I’ve come back home, to Nepal, and see the state of the so-called public transportation, which is entirely private.

I’ve been used to the Nepali public transport all my life, but every time, it makes me frustrated. There is just no system.

Every time I come out from the airport, I have to hassle with those taxi drivers. It usually takes me less than Rs 100 to get home, but no one would agree to use their meters. So they just hike up the fare, and then bargain. And it’s not only at the airports–every time you have to haggle, day or night. So you just pay those ridiculous amount of money  of cabs. Convert it to dollars or pounds and it’s nothing bu when you’re actually living here, it’s a lot of money. I spent more than Rs 1,000 on cab rides today.

You might as well say, why not take the bus or other forms of transportation. But seriously, I don’t want to squash with 25 other people in those small microbuses where someone might just end up in your lap (well, not really but it can happen).

And after it gets dark, usually 6 pm in winter, the number of public transportation suddenly disappears. By 7 pm, it’s difficult to get home unless you take those cabs again, which you hate but the only option. And mind it, if you’re a white tourist, the prices can go up twice as much higher.

I know London is a big city and it’s developed but there is a proper system of transportation that keeps the city going. Day or night, there is something; if not the tubes, there are buses 24 hours.

I’m not saying there should be a 24-hour transportation system, but I just feel there should be something that would make people’s commute easier, and people would actually want to use them.

For now, I am just angry, I suppose. And I can’t wait to take Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines to home from the airport or just take the N18 when we’re out late. I just wanna hail TFL (Transport for London), at least for now.

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