Notes from Nepal: Ending 2011

And I thought London was expensive. I had totally forgotten how not-so-cheap Kathmandu is.

As I flip through the newspaper this morning, I am simply amazed by the parties in town for ushering 2012. And more than that, I am utterly surprised by the money they’re charging for these parties. And also, it’s quite surprising (excuse me for overusing this word, but I am surprised like every other year) that people are paying to get into these parties.

One of the most ridiculously expensive parties that I’ve come across is at a five-star hotel. They’re charing Rs 8,000 (almost $100 with $1=Rs 80) for a single entry and Rs 15,000 ($187) for a couple. And I say to myself, “What’s the story?” Well, some singers from India are coming to perform and as the advertisement proclaims it’s going to be a free flow of food and alcohol.

I keep on flipping through the newspapers and there are more and more ads–from expensive five-star treats to something taking place down the alley, and most of them at a pretty high charge.

I’m not against these parties and I’m don’t even have anything against the money they’re charging. As it seems people have money and they’re willing to pay for it. I think it’s a good way to forget the year gone by and just celebrate–spend those extra bucks you’ve been saving and drink the night away.

But is it worth is?

For me, not. So I’m spending my night with my close friends at a cozy place (and mind it, it’s not that cheap as well). But rather than getting wasted on “free flow of alcohol,” and spending so much of the money that I don’t have,  I’d rather prefer spending my money and time my way: being in the company of the people I like.

And at the end of the day that’s what I’m going to remember. It was a wonderful 2011 with these bunch of people, and I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing 2012 though we’ll be spread out in this gigantic globe.

And as I recollect 2011 in memories, moments of love and laughter, making through the good and the bad, and traveling the world, I’m looking forward for 2012.

Hope 2012


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