Let it snow

As the white flakes fell from the sky on Saturday, I touched it, tasted it and after two years had a chance to see snow. The first snowfall of the season–and perhaps the last in London–is always special.

It was just past 5 pm when I was stepped outside to go to the city, and it started to snow. I had no idea that it would later snow some three inches and London would be blanketed underneath the white sheet of snow.

Something is special about snow, and maybe that’s why I am blogging about it. I still remember my first experience: January 2005 in Virginia. As I saw the snowflakes, so much like soft cotton when I touched it for the first time, there was a different kind of smile, some sort of happiness.

I don’t know how could someone be so happy seeing snow–but trust me, when you see experience something for the first time, something that you had grown up either watching in movies or seeing from your window the snow-capped peak of a distant Himalayan range, there is a different-kind-of-a-feeling.

And as I saw some of my flatmates playing with snow, making a snowman and just having a big smile on their faces, I couldn’t just stop myself from being there and enjoying.

One of my flatmates, Aparajita, from West Bengal in India, it was one special evening. She said she is going to remember the evening for a long time.

After her first snow experience, she updated her Facebook status that reflected her mood: “…And then came down the snow… like in fairy tale books… soft, quiet, magical like a dream…”

The next morning, waking up and looking outside my extra-large window, the view was like a snow. There was no green or blue. The lawn was entire white–the whiteness that was being reflected on my room. It was clean, peaceful and more than anything else serene.

I opened the window and took a deep breath–it was as fresh as it could be.

Then I just smiled–I don’t know why it made me smile, but I suppose it’s the small things in life, for instance snow, that just makes you happy for no reason.

Two days later, when the pathways are slushy and the dirty snow is all over, I complain about it. But it’s nothing compared to the hours of play in the snow or just the minute of the magnificent sight outside my window that morning which just made me happy.

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