Harrow, oh, Harrow

I am living in London, and yet I’m nowhere close to London. It’s because I live in Harrow.

And every day, it’s not only me who complain about living in Harrow–most of us, international students who had come here with a dream to experience life in the city of London. But due to various circumstances we ended up in Harrow.

And today, when I started reading an article in the Harrow Times – yes, I read it – it seems my complains are fairly legit. Harrow has been ranked as one of the most unhappiest place to live in.

According to an online portal, RightMove, Harrow is one of the “gloomiest” places. And I totally agree.

As I strolled through the town centre this afternoon with a friend, we talked about the same topics – Harrow and how uninteresting it is. I agree that there are far more dull and gloomy places than Harrow. But maybe since I came to London with higher expectations, Harrow doesn’t meet my standards.

There is no day life here, forget about nightlife. I go to the town centre and I don’t even have to look at the both sides of the streets to cross, literally. The streets are empty and very few people seem to walk. A Burger King, since the day I first walked in the streets of Harrow, has been shut down. A place that was apparently a night club has also remained closed.  The only “happening” place according to my personal observation seems to be the restaurant chains Nando’s and Yate’s.

Of course, there is a mall where I hung out today. But it’s really not the place where I want to hang out. And not when all the shops start closing at 5:30 pm. C’mon, seriously?

And wait, there are tons of places of interest, for example betting houses and sell your gold stores. But I either have money to bet on something or any gold to sell. If I had any of those two, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been in Harrow.

I can really have tons of other reasons for why I dislike this place but then again it’s been home for a while. So though I dislike it, I’ll have to live here. And when I’m done, I shall not return.

I’m sorry, Harrow. You’re not that bad, but just not meant for me.


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