Peace of mind

I don’t know what being closer to God means. I’m neither a religious person nor a spiritual one.

But sometimes I just feel good about myself when I visit a religious place of worship. In that moment of time, while inside a temple, I’m secluding myself with the outer world, literally. I don’t know if I go there to escape from reality,  find peace of mind or “get closer to God.” But whatever it is, it works.

Yesterday, I visited a Gurudwara for a story, and though I was working, there was no pressure or stress. After work, I just sat down and spent my time not thinking about the other world, not thinking about my assignments or any other thing in this world. People were nice. The Langar was great. The recitals of Gurbani, the sacred Sikh literature, didn’t let anything else pass my ears.

Those couple of hours yesterday was what I needed–no stressing, no thinking, and only peace of mind. Maybe this is what they mean by “being closer to God.”

Co-produced with Jody-Lan Castle


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