Do I need Pinterest?

For the time I spend socializing and being social in the social networking sites, I feel I’m becoming more anti-social.

And now you want me to discuss my interest and share what I wish, long, desire through another social networking site called Pinterest?

But I don’t see the point. Wait, I didn’t see the point in Facebook and Twitter too, and now it is all over me, or I’m all over it. I did not see any reason to update my statuses on Facebook or tweet my views and opinions in 140 characters, and retweet what I like about what someone else tweeted. Come to think of it, who cares? Or wait, my “followers” do.

So much indulgent on social networking, it feels I have forgotten what it feels to be without Facebook or Twitter. I hate myself today for updating my status and tweeting about the beautiful day. C’mon, I could have just gone outside and enjoyed it instead, which I did yesterday, and then updated my status and tweeted, which makes more sense. Well, a little bit.

And I already share so much on Facebook and Twitter that I think what else is there to share on Pinterest. As I understand now, it’s where you “pin” what you want. Well, it’ll only make me sadder because I know for a fact that I’m not going to get what I pin on Pinterest–too expensive, unaffordable or just out of reach. And yet, do I still think I need to “pin”?

I think I already spend more than half my of time awake time socializing on the social networking sites. If I were to be hooked by Pinterest, either I’d have to cut down some time on Facebook and Twitter or give a little bit more time to this new probable friend. Then I’d have lesser time for real stuff–for instance going out for real rather than hanging out in Google+ rooms or chatting the night away in Facebook or tweeting and retweeting.

Thank god, I haven’t had coffee with someone in Skype!

I might just be blabbering on this blog, another way of social networking about which I had totally forgotten until now.

So, yea, where were we?

Yes, the same question: Do I realy need Pinterest?

For now, probably not, but who knows. I might just have the urge to “pin” the very next moment!




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