MAJI Class of 2012 nominations, and my acceptance speech

Sorry, but I don't have a photo with the entire class together. We shall have one soon.

When you meet people for the first time, you have weird notions about them. When I met this crazy bunch of people from my class the first day, I cannot deny that I was thinking all good.

But as you spend more time, work together in groups, bond over beers and go crazy on the dance floor, and not to forget fretting over Final Cut and HTML, the bond only strengthens.

And it’s just amazing to have friends from more than 20 countries in one class. Well, I have blogged about the globalized classroom if you guys haven’t checked it.

Over the months, we all have drunk, danced, sang on the tube. There were the fights and those dramas. Loads of bitching and complaining. But in the end, from where I see it now, we are at a point where we all stand tall and victorious.

A few days from now, we’ll be heading to finish our final projects. A few months from now, we’ll be proud journalism graduates struggling to find jobs. Maybe we’ll forget some and remember the rest. Maybe we’ll all remember each other.

I’m sure you all will remember me for my hair, of course, and Tom will definitely remember me for my pants rolled up!

And as we part, let’s keep in touch and plan to have a grand reunion picnic at Hyde Park when we are back in September or before it starts getting dark at 3:30 pm!

Today, as I see the nominations for the class of 2012 MAJI awards, I am very touched. I mean, six nominations. I had never in my life thought that I’d reach to this point: I feel accomplished.

Awards don’t matter; being the highest nominated person in the categories which are so well deserving for me does. So thank you.

If I win the best hair, which probably I will, I promise I won’t shave my head, which I am considering. (Here’s a blog post about my hair, which makes me a strong contender).

If I win the best cook award, I promise I’ll cook again and again for you guys, but I’ll have to start charging then.

Consider this as my acceptance speech: I want to thank you, you, you, and you; Tommy and Paddy and Preethi for the awards that I have yet to win.

It’s been a great year.

Now let’s party to the sounds of Duck Sauce!

MAJI class of 2012, we rock!

Here are the nominees (My nominations in bold)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boobies and Weeners, journalists of the entire world who decided to gather in Harrow, the moment you have all been waiting for: the 2012 MA Journalism awards.

First of all, we would like to thank Preethi: she gave us the idea, so, without her, there would be no awards. You could have lived without them; but we are sure you will appreciate them.

Let us decline any responsibility from the authors; our intention is not that of offending anybody. If you think we have hurt your feelings in any way…well, just have a laugh and keep on.

This said, let’s proceed with the 2012 MA Journalism awards!

Best male hair: Bibek Bhandari, Michel Kolijn, Krisha Krops.
Best female hair: Esther van Opijnen, Wendy Anstead, Jody-Lan Castle.
Best male voice: Greg William Flucker, Shady Arafa, Prisliv Obiegbu
Best female voice: Natalie aka Tirzah McLean, Anastasiia Fedorova, Monica Sarkar
Best cook: Bibek Bhandari, Kristen Catania, Esther van Opijnen
Best German accent: Krisha Kops, Christine Liehr, Ines Ceri
Best Italian accent: Valentina Romeo, Beatrice Giacobone, Stefania Barbaglio
Best Chinese accent: Luna Lin, Di Zou, Asta Guo
Best Indian accent: Preethi Ramamoorthy, Manjiry More, Paddy McCaul
Best Arabic accent: Sara Al-Z, Motasem Dalloul, Lina Musallam

These were the boring ones. Be now ready for the interesting ones…

Best looking girl we were too scared to approach: Flossie Topping, Alexandra Buerger, Rene Lee
Funniest male: Paddy McCaul, Tommaso Cervini, Shady Arafa
Funniest female: Kristen Catania, Preethi Ramamoorthy, Christine Liehr (just kidding!), Sara Al-Z
Scariest girl: Alya Mooro, Anca Toma, Esther van Opijnen
Best in bed: Nominations pending
Most ghetto: Greg William Flucker, Kristen Catania, Alya Mooro
Best moustache: Jordan Weber, Paddy McCaul, Shady Arafa
Best-dressed male: Krisha Kops, Shady Arafa, Michel Kolijnen
Best-dressed female: Ines Ceri, Alexandra Buerger, Beatrice Giacobone
Best wannabe-hipster: Bibek Bhandari, Anastasiia Fedorova, Alexia Dellner
Best male dancer: Bibek Bhandari, Greg William Flucker, Prisliv Obiegbu
Hardest-working: Michel Kolijn, Bibek Bhandari, Christine Liehr (of course!)
Most likely to have an affair with a lecturer: Bibek&XXXX, Flossie&XXXX, Jody&XXXX (Since it’s a public blog, some names have been withheld)
Nicest female: Preethi Ramamoorthy, Wendy Anstead, Anastasiia Fedorova

And the most coveted… Cutest couple: Michel&Krisha, Tom&Paddy, Shady&his moustache

Selecting three people for each category has been a tough job. Sometimes because there were too many people, sometimes because we lacked of them.

But it was funny. And it all happened at Yate’s in Harrow.


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