Notes from Nepal: Update

I’ve been missing from this space.And within the time I’ve been missing, so much has changed: from Nepal’s politics to my work-in-progress project to my personal life.

It’s been a rough time: running around for interviews, then transcribing, translating, and finally writing something. But being a “multimedia reporter” means the work doesn’t end here. There are photos to sort out, audio files to edit and then put them together, and yes, think of some coding on how to present the story or stories I have.

Here, for my graduate school’s final project, I am the reporter, photographer, videographer, producer, editor …yes, give me more roles please.

Sometimes it’s really draining. When I am taking notes, I suddenly realize that I missed a photo opportunity. When I am taking photos, and my source is speaking, sometimes I’m like, “Damn, that was a good soundbite.” So while I am focusing on one medium, I fear of letting go the other.

It’s been a challenge. But it’s been a learning process: being a one-man band. It’s difficult but not impossible.

Now that I have all my editorial content ready, I’m trying to put them together on the web.

And amid all the adventure, I was in a car wreck this week. Nothing serious, but it has only pressurized my body and mind more. But I think all this pressure and stress is going to be worth it.

In about two weeks, I will have the entire project online. Preview coming soon.



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