Delhi Diary: Discovering Iron Curtain

This could be a new discovery in Delhi if you have not found it already.

Tucked in the narrow lanes of the Indian capital’s trendy and bohemian Hauz Khas Village, a flight of stairs up of an old building, Iron Curtain opened its door about three weeks ago.

At a first instance you would want to call it a restaurant until you discover its hidden secret. It is also a mini movie theater with a twist.

When you enter the restaurant, there is a hint: Classic movie posters are plastered on its wall and there is also a projection of black and white silent cinema amid the posters.

But it does not end here.

Behind a bulky iron door adjacent to its main entrance opens Iron Curtain’s secret door to its cinema club.

When you enter, stripes of red lights are groovy. For me, it looked like a retro dance club.

However, it is a 15-seater movie theater with a 24-speaker system and a High Definition projection screen.

But the best part is the theater’s seats. They are all car seats bought from Old Delhi’s workshop, which are now a part of Iron Curtain’s seating area.

Comfy and cushy, it is much better than a regular theater seat. Little secret for you: there are two seats in the middle row that fully recline.

A creative project of cousins Karan and Shalabh along with friend Kanika, Iron Curtain caters to independent cinema enthusiasts.

“We designed it as a place to showcase independent cinema,” says Karan we sat for our private screening of Turtles Can Fly. “It’s a platform to showcase their work.”

The theater therefore hosts evenings and regular events like Shamina – The Short Film Club that promote independent cinema and also filmmakers.

But if you happen to be a customer at Iron Curtain, you might want to check in with the manager if you could get a screening.

Good food, drinks and popcorn coupled with a short movie, we could not have found a better way to spend a rainy evening.

Iron Curtain is certainly worth a visit if you are in Delhi.

Iron Curtain, 19, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. Contact: 26561164.

NOTE: This mini theater does not show pirated movies or is used for commercial movie screenings. It is used for private events to promote independent movies and upon request from customers screens movie from its few selected DVDs at no cost. 


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