A fashion-filled week

It’s been a fashion-filled week: from a photo shoot to Social Media Week London’s fashion-related events, during the past seven days, the “F” word was in the tip of my tongue. Well, fashion, obviously.

And the list of people I have met and interacted  has presumably been the highlight: from GQ.com editor Andy Morris and deputy editor of British GQ Bill Price to Matthew Zorpas, the second best dressed man in Britain, Jonathan Daniel Pryce, fashion blogger and photographer, and lecturers from the London College of Fashion.

Just days before that, I was coordinating a photo shoot with a Nepalese model and an upcoming fashion designer Eshan Kali. It was a great experience, and one of my first in London. The shoot is for a story I am working on this upcoming Nepalese talent who has modelled for reputed UK designers and been a part of some of the London Fashion Week shows.

The photo shoot certainly brought back memories from Nepal – the photo shoots I coordinated with my friend and then colleague Sumina Karki for Republica’s Sunday Style page, the running around, trying to get hold of models, arranging studios, clothes and everything else in between. Fun days.

Here is the glimpse from last week in pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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