Jonathan Pryce: 100 beards, 100 days

On a regular day, Jonathan enjoys photographing street style. In this photo, he instantly recognizes the style of this     69-year-old artist and captures it for his blog.

Today marks the 100th day for 100 beards, 100 days, photographer Jonathan D Pryce’s project that couples street style photography and beards.

Jonathan, who is now one of the 100 bearded men, is on a mission to photograph London’s best bearded men in the streets of the British capital.

Last week, I joined Jonathan on his work day. We started walking from Covent Garden to Soho, almost to the boundary of Piccadilly  and then to Carnaby Street where we finally spotted the beard of the day. And trust me, it was not that easy.

While Jonathan has taken tons of photos, his selections, which will be published in a book form by the end of this month, are featured on his blog; others will however have a place on the book. Also, some of his selected photos will be a part of an exhibition at the Lentos Museum in Austria this month.

Beards, according to Jonathan, is “one of the most authentic versions of being a man with style.”

Stay tuned for my story where I talk to Jonathan about his early life, fashion, photography, interests and inspiration, including beards. For now, you might as well consider growing one?

You can check out Jonathan’s work here

Here’s the story on Huffington Post

Q&A on 1883 Magazine 

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