The Little Black Jacket lands in London

In “Lagerfeld Confidential,” a documentary about Chanel’s creative director and design head, Karl Lagerfeld talks how his interest in photography germinated: He wanted to break away from the prototype, be in control of the shoots and moreover present an artistic side in his photographs.

Lagerfeld’s photo series titled “The Little Black Jacket” currently being exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London proves just that.

The subject of the photo series is Chanel’s little black jacket — and yes, it’s just one jacket. But the jacket has been presented in more than 80 different ways; in every photo the jacket jumps on your face but in a different way.

Models, actors, actresses, musicians and designers have worn this Chanel classic in a striking fashion: American actress Dakota Fanning pairs it with a white evening gown while Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t even wearing it but rather waving the jacket, and Dutch model Mark Vanderloo perfectly couples the jacket atop his boxers, revealing his bare chest.

Among other celebrities who have effortlessly ensemble the little black jacket with their designer wear are American Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, fashion designer Alexander Wang, musicians Theophilus London and Kanye West, and one of the most prominent one, Waris Ahluwalia in his striking beard, turban and the jacket, of course.

But while the celebrities make a visibly prominent appearance in the photos, it’s the little black jacket that steals the show.

One piece of clothing from Chanel, countless looks and very camera-friendly celebrities — that sums up the experience.

If you’re in London, highly recommended; the exhibition runs until November 4.  If not, the “The Little Black Jacket” is on tour.

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