I survived 2012


Until a few days ago, the world was almost ending. But now, with only eight more days to go, the year 2012 is living its last days. And here I am trying to sum up my 2012 – it’s been some sort of blogging tradition for me where I just sit down and reflect on my year.

In 2009, I wrote a blog post from Delhi airport: It was a big year for me. I had graduated from college, secured my dream internship and moving home to Nepal.

The came 2010: The year was a big career booster for me. I was finally able to translate my visions into action. That year I wrote about how accomplished I felt after having working for the first time in my life.

And it was 2011: It was a year where I was in transition. Here I was a student again, learning and living a freelance life. In a personal post, I wrote about looking forward to 2012.

And here it was (still is), 2012, presumably the last year until a few days ago – some thought the Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end on Dec. 21,  2012.

But, like everyone else, I survived, and here’s my short survival story.

I survived school: I survived those countless hours and sleepless nights in front of the computer, trying to get the HTML codes right. I lived up to those deadly deadlines, and also datelines.

I survived the London Olympics: I’m using the word survive here because there was some sort of hysteria that the city would not function with the influx of millions of people. But as a matter of fact, those two weeks were the best – it was one of the greatest times to be in London and soak up the Olympic spirit (here’s my post).

I survived Russia: Though being in a country where cold stares from people in the metro and the streets seemed like a friendly gesture, and any form of verbal communication was next to nil, in hindsight it was a great experience. Living and learning in the monumental Moscow State University, revisiting the Soviet parks, reporting on the emerging protest music scene and being confined because of the neo-Nazi scare have to be the highlights. Oh, not to forget the rumors of the nuclear explosion that turned the Moscow sky green, which only turned out to be a seasonal spring thing. (Here’s a list of my posts from Russia.)

I survived unemployment: One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is that I must create opportunities for myself. And that’s what I did – I lived the freelance life. And even though I didn’t have a job, I was doing all that I have ever wanted to do in life.

If anything this year has taught me is to survive and continue doing what I love and want to do regardless of all the obstacles. It has forced me to accept challenges and prove myself wrong – that I can do things that I thought I wouldn’t have otherwise. 2012 has brought me a year closer to living my dreams to the fullest, accomplishing my goals I germinated years back when no one, including myself, didn’t believe that actually one day, it would come true.

With the year rapidly coming to a close, 2013 only looks brighter as I’m predicting my own future. For now, I have another dream internship. I’m moving back to Nepal, again. And I’m sure that I will translate my 2012 life and learning into something substantial.

At this point, I’m just happy that I’m still living, and the world just didn’t end.

For me, my world would end when I stop striving for my dreams and submit myself to the misery of making unsettling compromises.

But that day is not even close. So I’ll keep living.

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