World Poetry Day – My one and only published poem

There used to be a time when I wrote poems – a lot of them. As I go through my old journal, it’s quite interesting to look back at those pages -those hand-written notes,  the manual copying and pasting on the pages and the big crosses that was in fact the ‘delete’ button as what it’s called today.

Then there was a shift in my interest, and poems transformed into prose, and that changed into essays and here I am now into journalism, which I absolutely love.

It’s sort of embarrassing to look at all those poems from the past – seems childish and gibberish, but at the same time is a reflection of my level of understanding and intelligence at that point of time when I was growing up. But anyway, since it’s World Poetry Day, I’m sharing the one and only poem that has been published, and that too internationally.

I penned this poem titled ‘Just a Thought’ in 2003.

This poem was published in Illuminations: Expressions of Personal Spiritual Experience, a collection of  artworks, photographs, short prose pieces, poems, and interview excerpts.

And it sure does feel great to have shared the space with the likes of Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu, peace activist Fatima Gailani, bestselling authors Julia Cameron and Marianne Williamson, Reverend Tamara Siuda, and spiritual leader ShantiMayi.

So here’s my contribution:

Let’s make peace our religion
Unity our God
Let prayers flow in form of love
Harmony being a sacred hymn

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