Ayush Shrestha: The new kid in town

Photo courtesy: Ayush Shrestha

Photo courtesy: Ayush Shrestha

When a friend forwarded me Ayush Shrestha’s music on Reverbnation, I wasn’t very keen on listening — I was having a busy day and the slow  Internet connection was certainly not prompting this impatient guy to just listen to the set of songs smoothly. But there were two things that grabbed my attention. One, he performed at Blue Frog and two, there was this only Nepali song, the title of which actually generated some curiosity.

Having seen some really good performances at Blue Frog while living in Mumbai and considering the artists they usually bring, I thought it was great for a young Nepali singer/songwriter to perform there. And despite the annoyingly slow connection, I managed to listen to all the songs. By the end of it, I was playing the songs on repeat.

I’m not sure when was the last time a Nepali artist really excited me. Maybe it was Yak Attack and then Diwas Gurung.

Diwas is another talented Nepali artist based in the US. And luckily, though I was living in London, I was able to see him release his first album in Kathmandu last summer and also see him perform. I also saw Yak Attack perform in London.

Back to Ayush.

Having listened to his music on repeat, I just thought to contact him for an interview. Random searches on Google failed, but Facebook was helpful, thanks to all the common friends on the social networking site which makes the search easier. And I was lucky enough to get back a response.

It was even better to find that he was in Nepal and would be performing in Kathmandu soon. Everything seemed to be in place.

So finally met this talented singer/songwriter, had a good chat about his music career, which was in fact pretty interesting too. And finally within a day’s time, I was done writing the story and mixing the audio of that interview.

Now I have another artist to add to my music collection. Hopefully, in future I’ll just bump into more local music artists who are good and at the same time fulfills my musical appetite too.

Read the story here 

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